Future For VICKI?

The following are descriptions of works-in-progress (or near progress)

1. Solo with new commands

2. Duet with blue tooth headsets, commands not heard by audience

2.1 Two people control dancers by typing commands live… but the randomizer will alternately choose which dancer the two people are controlling by switching back and forth.  Text commands will be seen, but not heard.

3. Groups – variations up through an octet

4. Demo of piece written by Choreobot without Choreobot present

5. Comparison of phrases made by bot and made by human choreographers

6. Execution of bot with furtniture or obstacles

7. Execution of bot with dancers’ choice to disobey and ignore

8. Execution of bot with audience or other person changing commands

9. Responsive bot – such as repetition triggering lingering on a command, or return to a previous command

Variations on the Original Patch:

1. randomize the phases in section 1

2. increase the command bank

3. expand the vocabulary to address laban movement analysis more fully

4. expand the vocabulary to address other techniques in other veins of choreographic / technical study


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